Welcome to Vanbrugh!

Welcome to the website of Vanbrugh College’s JCRC, the online home of the University of York’s best and central college. Through this website we’ll share and promote everything that Vanbrugh is about – our events, sports, music and so much more. Being part of a college is one of greatest parts of being at the University of York, and here we hope to help you take advantage of your community.

For anyone outside the college, please read through and hopefully you’ll be able to see why Vanbrugh is not only the favourite college for students at York, but also why it is so unique.


About your JCRC

The Vanbrugh JCRC – the Junior Common Room Committee – is your elected body of students who look after your interests in Vanbrugh College. We manage college events, student wellbeing, communications and college societies, as well as representing you within the university.

Being part of the committee allows you to make real change to Vanbrugh and to shape the experience of you, your friends, and every Vanbrugh student during their time here. Membership of the committee gives you the chance to be involved in the organisation of a wide range of activities, from our massive events such as Freshers Week and Winter Ball, to smaller victories like gaining wheelchair access to the Warren. We are the only college to offer free collegiate sport (including sign ups, equipment and competition fees), and to have a diverse range of accommodation types. As well as this, we host weekly events in our college bar, V bar, and relaxing activities in the Warren most days. All of this has contributed to Vanbrugh being the most popular choice of college for incoming Freshers. As a committee member you can help us keep this up!

All of this is planned and run by students of Vanbrugh College, so that we can make our college the best it can be for ourselves and our collegiate family in the central college in York.

Message From Your Chair

“Hi! I’m Christina, and I’m happy to say that I will be your Vanbrugh Chair during 2018. The college committee aims for you all to feel a sense of community and involvement throughout your time in Vanbrugh. We strive to achieve this through a wide range of things, from social events, to wellbeing activities, to free sport.
However, your involvement and voice matters. So if you want to contribute in any way to what our committee aims to do, do not hesitate to contact me: cm1636@york.ac.uk
Let’s have a great year!

Vanbrugh Love xoxo”


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