Free Sport for All!

Vanbrugh is the only college to completely provide free sport!
We don’t ask for joining fees, competition fees or expect you to buy your own equipment. We just want to you turn up and get involved in your college.
We do this because sports is a great way to have fun, meet new people and experience the vibrant college spirit.

Currently there are 14 different sports you can get involved with through your college, these are:
-Men’s Football
-Women’s Football

Meet your Representatives

Sam Felipes
-Male Sports Representative

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Charlotte Rhule
-Female Sports Representative

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Your Teams


Vanbrugh Badminton is a relaxed club with opportunities to play for people of all abilities. We play competitively (most of the time) in the college badminton league and also have court time open to anyone in the college every week.

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Captain: Matt Jermy –


Vanbrugh Cricket Club is an exciting and inclusive environment, open to students of all backgrounds and abilities. We take pride in maintaining a relaxed, social atmosphere, whilst encouraging players to practice to the best of their abilities. We are a society completely open to the suggestions of its players, whether they are about driving forward the ability of our team or where to hold a social event!
We hold weekly training sessions throughout the autumn and spring terms, including open nets sessions, indoor games and skills based exercise. Following this, in the summer term, we compete weekly against the other colleges at the university in a 20/20 competition. This proves both an enjoyable and social atmosphere for all involved.
If you’ve been playing cricket all of your life, or have recently made the excellent decision of picking it up, Vanbrugh Cricket Club is the place to be!

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Captain: Elliott Smyth –


Vanbrugh College Darts is a great place to start playing darts in a open and friendly environment. Although competitive the team do not take themselves too seriously and welcome members of all abilities.

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Captain: Jake Walpole –
“Looking forward to seeing you for a friendly chuck and some drinks #LETSPLAYDARTS”


Vanbrugh football encourages players of all abilities to come and play for the college with everyone getting the chance to play for one of our five teams. It’s a great chance to meet new people and have a laugh on socials. The first team won the league and college cup last year so it is a good competitive club within the university. GET INVOLVED!
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Captain Will Rennie 
President Ben Dyson

Join Vanbrugh College Netball Club and enjoy playing and competing whilst making friends with your fellow Vanbrugh girls. We host a social every week, which is always great fun. We welcome you whatever your experience!Find out more: Jen Kelsey

Vanbrugh Rugby prides itself on both sporting achievement and our inclusive social environment. We are committed to bringing together rugby players of all experience levels, offering everyone in the college a chance to compete to a high standard. During the matches and training sessions we will be fully focused on improving as a team and winning games. However a large part of the appeal of Vanbrugh rugby is undoubtedly the social side, led by our dedicated social secretaries and giving us a reputation within the college as the best social team. Whether you are looking to be involved in a competitive rugby competition or simply to advance your university social life, then I thoroughly recommend that you try Vanbrugh rugby; it was the best choice I ever made.

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Captain: Stephen Kerslake –


Vanbrugh Squash is a close knit community of friends, ready to help teach and play. As a club we try to accommodate our players wishes the best we can to make the experience as amazing as it can be!
If you want drills, we’ll give you drills. Games? Then games you shall get. Socials? Well of course, you’re the boss.
We like a challenge and conquer our opponents…most of the time! As a club, we reached Varisty last year, only to be defeated by the Durham team; this year we hope to do one better and reign victorious!
So if you want to try something new, or have been playing squash since you could walk, Vanbrugh Squash is for you!

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Captain: Jonathan Pratt –