Surrounding the University Music Department, the self-proclaimed ‘Music College’, Vanbrugh plays host to a number of musical activities, events and facilities.  These run separately to University-wide, and student led YUSU societies, although we continue to embrace and develop ties to groups and organisations both within the campus and in the city.

Vanbrugh Choirs

Vanbrugh Chamber Choir

Vanbrugh Chamber Choir is a non-auditioning choir for all.  The only requirement is that you need to be able to follow a musical score (i.e. having some ability to read sheet music). 
Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 5:20-7pm, in Vanbrugh Senior Common Room, on the first floor of the Vanbrugh Nucleus.

For further information, you can join the Vanbrugh Chamber Choir Facebook Group or send an email to vanbrughchamberchoir@gmail.com.

Vanbrugh Voices

Vanbrugh Voices is a non-auditioning, sing-for-pleasure choir that meets each week throughout term-time and welcomes anyone who enjoys singing. The Voices perform a small number of times each year, on campus and in the city, and are a wonderful mix of old and young performers, experienced and inexperienced – all coming together to make music for fun. 

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 5:45-7pm, in Vanbrugh Senior Common Room (SCR) on the first floor of Vanbrugh Nucleus. For further information, you can join the Vanbrugh Voices Facebook Group

Vanbrugh Rocks

Vanbrugh Rocks is an informal group organised by our Rock Tutor with the aim of giving focus to college members who are interested in forming bands, of any style of music, and activities surround and supporting musicians. Membership (which is free of charge for all Vanbrugh students) gives you access to our facilities, advice from our music staff and invitations to free workshops, training sessions and events. 
For further information, including a link to download the membership application form, click here.

Drum and Rhythm Section Hub (DaRSH)

More information to come…
In the meantime, contact you’re Bar and Music Reps to find out more?

You can also find the full list of instruments available on the university website.

Instrument Lending Library

Whether you are an international student coming from overseas and unable to bring your instruments with you, or a student with a band, needing equipment for a gig, or if you want to learn an instrument but don’t want to make a purchase until you are sure it is the right one for you, our instrument lending library is there for you. 

For full details on the instruments available and how to reserve them, click here.

The Garage

For any members of the University community, staff or students, looking to start a band, or looking for space to rehearse, look no further: The Garage is a modern band practice space, located at The Warren on Vanbrugh Way, equipped with an expanded drum-kit, guitar and bass amps, PA system, mics and an electric piano. The space is used by groups looking for space to jam or for established bands to rehearse before gigs. 

To use the space, you must be a member of Vanbrugh Rocks (see Vanbrugh Rocks section for details on how to obtain membership).