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Ben Sykes -

Hi! My name is Ben and I’m a second year Astrophysics student, and your JCRC chair for 2019.
It is my role to liaise with the college staff and YUSU on the current and future plans for the committee, and bring forward to them any and all concerns or ideas from Vanbrugh‘s student. I’m also here to co-ordinate the general running of the committee – ranging from student-lead events such as live music nights and cultural celebrations to regular welfare meet-and-greets and charity food sales.
My biggest aims for the year are to establish a variety of regular events in the Vanbrugh Arms, to provide students easier and more inclusive access to the college’s sports teams and musical societies, and to strengthen the relationship between accommodation blocks to increase the sense of college pride as a whole!



Willow Bowen -


Holly Risso-Gill -

VC for Comms

Alice Hewson -

VC for Wellbeing

Joe Williscroft -

VC for Events

Carly Lam -

VC for Unions & Societies

Eva Kyraciou -


Merch Rep

Leon Crowley -

Merch Rep

Matthew Brown -

Sales Rep

Vera Ivanova -

Sponsorship and Discount Rep


Sponsorship and Discount Rep



BS/DB Court Rep

Aidan Garrington -

BS/DB Court Rep

Lily Ensor-Dean -

Le Page Court Rep

Jerry McMichael -

Fairfax Rep

Eliot Barnes -

Eric Milner Court Rep

Katie Abbott -

Eric Milner Court Rep

Molly Barren -


Bar & Music Rep

Tom Gulliver -

Bar & Music Rep


Events Rep

Joan Ang -

Events Rep

Peter Comelio -

Events Rep

Lydia Baldwin -

Events Rep

Georgia Brown -



Adam Araim -

Disabilities Rep

Elana Greaves -

LGBTQ Welfare Rep

Nathan Butler -

Female Welfare

Ellie Griffin -

Male Welfare

Jacob McDonald -

Mature Rep


Off-Campus Rep

[Vacant] -

Overseas Wellfare Rep

Soham Nayak -

Unions and Societies

Female Sports Rep

Zainab Moallin -

Male Sports Rep

Alex Cottriall -

Environment & Ethics

Madeleine Crossling -


Hettie Catley -


Lawrence Henry -

Music Rep

Katie Hardy -

Ordinary Member

Ordinary Member

Jay Dyer -